Motivation Mantra: Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

The popular saying goes, “A boss says go, and a leader says let’s go.” The motivation mantra to happiness in the workplace is not much different. This quote...

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The popular saying goes, “A boss says go, and a leader says let’s go.” The motivation mantra to happiness in the workplace is not much different. This quote suggests a sense of togetherness and a hint of being co-dependent on one another. It says “I can’t do this without you, and you can’t do this without me, so let’s do this together. If you know how to motivate you will understand that this feeling of being needed is one that provides a lot for both employers and employees. Not only does it provide a sense of security, but there’s also a large amount of gratitude that comes with being needed. And that word, ‘gratitude’ is the number one feeling that will keep people in the workplace motivated.

Appreciation for others

Who doesn’t like being appreciated or receive positive feedback? But appreciation isn’t only about flattery or motivation of employees. It is also about increasing self-esteem, because when a person is appreciated they like themselves better. As a result they hold a higher image of themselves. What’s more is that it is encouraging, being appreciated makes a person feel more important, gives them job satisfaction and validates what they did was valuable and worthwhile. Appreciation is the best employee incentive as empowers people and makes them eager to help people around them.

What appreciation does for one’s self

It’s like giving a gift, being the reason for someone’s happiness makes one like themselves better. Similarly, when we say ‘thank you,’ the smile we put on someone else’s face is a humbling experience. Words of encouragement and appreciation give a person that feeling of contentment with themselves and their life. Saying ‘thank you,’ ‘good job,’ or ‘I couldn’t have done this without you’ validates our career choice and makes us feel good about what we do.

More than just thank you

While ‘thank you’ does a long way, a good way to ensure employee satisfaction is to raise their self-esteem with praise and approval. Research shows that when kids are praised by the people that they look up to, their energy levels rise and they feel happier about themselves. Adults subconsciously also follow this pattern.

Appreciation is contagious

Moreover, appreciation is contagious. When someone compliments us, we often respond with a complement for them. It is human nature to look for a way to reciprocate a person’s kindnesses toward them. When people look for every opportunity to do and say things that make others feel good about themselves, it is astonishing at how rewarding it feels.

Pay attention

Another great way to make a person feel important is to show them you care by listening to them patiently. People these days are trying so hard to be heard, they become impatient when others are talking. Paying attention when other people talk and maybe even mentioning something from it in a later conversation, truly makes a person feel like what they have to say, matters to you.

The three keys in the motivation mantra are appreciation, approval, and attention. Saying thank you and voicing gratitude to others on every occasion goes a long way. These three tips are extremely effective in mastering human interaction and empowering the people around us.

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